- Update 9/May/2016

Post jam Version now live!!!

Post jam version incudes:

- Gameplay tweaks

- Various bug fixes,

- Performance fixes,

- Added effects,

- Pause menu,

- New quick shape shift, keys '1', '2', and '3' now shapeshift straight into Attack, Defence and Speed forms respectively.

- Options menu for volume control.

- New energy pickup.

- Exit option for standalone

Court of Talis is an arena based game that uses shapeshifting and type matching to defeat waves of enemies.

Unfortunately I was rather limited on time this LudumDare so the game is quite simple and a bit clunky.


Move: W,A,S,D or Left/Right and Up/Down arrows

Attack: Spacebar,

Select Shape: Q

ShapeShift: E

Quick Shift:

'1' - Attack form

'2' - Defence form

'3' - Speed form

Pause: Escape


CourtOfTalis-PostJam-Windows.zip 11 MB
CourtOfTalis-PostJam-Linux.zip 13 MB
CourtOfTalis-PostJam-Mac.zip 13 MB