*Parity update now live!*

Update 24/02/2017

The parity update for All Ways Down brings both the WebGL and the standalone version up to date with the recently released Android version of All Ways Down (available here or via the link below).

New features include:

  • New collectables system:
      Each level now contains a golden collectable.
  • New level rating system:
      Each level now has a rating system, where a level completion is rated based on whether the level is complete, if the player died or if the golden collectable was picked up.
  • Further improved UI, including new UI animations.
  • And finally the ability to alter some graphical settings, such as overall quality and Vsync.

Other changes include general performance tweaks, bug fixes, new save system, level tweaks, and the combining of continuous play(Story mode) and single level play.

Update 05/01/2017

Cumulative update featuring minor game improvements, which include:

  • Increased pickup size.
  • Increased goal detection area.
  • Increased level rotation speed.
  • Improved various UI elements.
  • Added current level number to pause and level complete screens.
  • Added trail effect.
  • Tweaked overall game difficulty.
  • Added mute button.
  • Added mouse input for level rotation.

Update 28/12/2016

Minor update featuring:

  • Tweaks to early levels to adjust game's difficulty curve.
  • Added restart button.

Anniversary Update 09/12/2016

The anniversary update* for All Ways Down contains various improvements and new features including

  • New Levels.
  • New Obstacles,
  • New Menu UI,
  • Level Selection,
  • End of game stats,
  • Improved performance,
  • Touch support,
  • And many more improvements and bug-fixes.


All - Ways - Down is a simple two button puzzle game, where the aim of the game is to try and navigate the level, whilst collecting all of the growth pellets. The more pellets you collect the larger and heavier the ball will become, and thus harder to control. When the player collects all of the pellets on the level they can then move to the next by hitting the goal button, but you will have to get to it first.

The player doesn't move the ball directly, instead the player controls the game by rotating the level to the left or right, whilst relying on the always downward force of gravity to move about,

This game was originally made over 3 days with 20 levels for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam, with the theme of growing and two button controls.

You can check out my Ludum Dare submission page here.

Best played full screen.


  • Rotate left: a, Left arrow key, left mouse button, left on joystick or touch left side of screen.
  • Rotate right: d, right arrow Key, right mouse button, right on joystick or touch right side of screen.
  • Select: Enter, A button on gamepad.
  • Cancel: Escape or B button on gamepad.
  • Pause game: Pause|Break or Start button on gamepad.


AWD v2-1 13 MB
AWD v2-1 15 MB
AWD v2-1 27 MB

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