Small World Fighters is a 2D multiplayer shooter/brawler game that supports upto four players made over 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38.

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XBox 360 controllers are recommended for multiplayer!


The game features two modes, 'control' and 'battle'.

In control players must fight over the control area that rotates around the world. Stand in the control zone and score points, the player with the highest number of points wins.

Battle is a traditional death match affair, where the aim is to score as many points as you can by eliminating other players, one shot one kill, one point.

The game does feature some simple ai bots so you can play it solo, emphasis on simple.

I wanted to include another gamemode, along with a punch ability, unfortunately I ran out of time so will try for the post jam version.


Again, XBox 360 controllers are recommended for multiplayer!

The game does support single keyboard multiplayer but it is a bit cramped...

Xbox controls:

- Select game mode: Start Button.

- Move: left analogue stick.

- Jump: B button.

- Shoot: A button.

Keyboard controls:

-Select game mode: Space

Player 1:

- Move left: 'a'.

- Move right: 'd'

- Jump: 'w'.

- Shoot: space.

Player 2:

- Move left: 'j'.

- Move right: 'l'

- Jump: 'i'.

- Shoot: ';'.

Player 3:

- Move left: 'left arrow'.

- Move right: 'right arrow'

- Jump: 'up arrow'.

- Shoot: right shift.

Player 4:

- Move left: 'num pad 4'.

- Move right: 'num pad 6'

- Jump: 'num pad 8'.

- Shoot: 'num pad 0'

Please feel free to leave feedback and thanks for playing.


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